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Transportation for the Other 9 to 5

From Charleston to San Francisco - Innovation in Transport Management

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

At closing time, hundreds if not thousands of people leave bars and nightclubs. Teams of police officers nationwide mobilize to help clear the streets as quickly and efficiently as possible, to prevent victimization of lingering crowds and potential for crime and violence. Yet they need organized systems of transportation service providers to seamlessly direct patrons to their homes safely.

This webinar featured presentations and lively discussion on two cities’ approaches to closing time mobility management, as well as representatives of a transportation network company provider and a taxi authority on how they can be part of the solution

Lessons learned, future predictions and what is working are explored in this webinar.

Webinar Archive

Webinar Archive: click here to download and open in mp4 or click here for wmv.

Discussion Topics

  • What are mobility management trends in nightlife districts?

  • How do they impact police services?

  • How are Transport Network Companies (i.e. Uber, Lyft) enhancing mobility at night?

  • How can taxi stands be established to increase access and reduce traffic delays from stopped vehicles?

  • What is the status of San Francisco’s report titled The Other 9-to-5: Improving Late-Night and Early-Morning Transportation for San Francisco Workers, Residents, and Visitors?

  • What progress has been made in implementing recommendations?

  • What lessons can other cities learn from the process? How has Charleston managed to balance taxis, bikes, pedestrians, horse drawn carriages, pedicabs, and TNC's into the nightlife district?

  • What is the future of TNC's in the nighttime economy? What services can they bring? What barriers will they remove?


Illeana Drobkin David Mack 

Ben Van Houten

Business Development Manager, Nightlife  & Entertainment Sector,
San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development,

Heath King


Charleston Police Department


Ileana Drobkin


Nevada Taxicab Authority

David Mack 

Director of Public Affairs







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