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Do You Want to Become a Music City?

Music is the Fuel that Drives Vibrancy and Sociability

Tuesday, September 29, 2016

Austin is "The Live Music Capital of the World", Seattle is "The City of Music" and Nashville is a well-known music destination that hosted the Music City Bowl. As a growing number of cities recognize the value of music as a destination amenity, staff positions are being created within government or CVB's to refine branding of "music cities."

Music, music venues and music festivals are a central thread that weaves together a vibrant experience, yet can also be a point of contention among new residents expecting a more subdued living environment.

Just as Music Canada's The Mastering of a Music City creates a framework, the October 25th Music Cities Convention will convene representatives from more than a dozen countries with diverse perspectives to find the harmony in becoming a music city.  

The September 22nd Webinar will be a preamble to the larger and ever evolving discussion. The balance of interests, expectations and integration of music into events and venues will be the central theme of this webinar's discussion. A distinguished panel will explore how to persuade policy makers to recognize the importance of being a "music city" and prevent limiting policy that stifles this important economic driver.


Discussion Topics

  • What makes a music city?

  • How can heritage music districts drive a city's music brand?

  • How have demographics and technology impacted music and musicians?  

  • What policies are slowing growth of music venues as center cities grow residential populations?  

  • Are the trends toward becoming a music city global? Which regions or countries embrace music as an economic engine? 

  • What are your recommendations for cities to pursue in becoming a music city? 


Shain Shapiro

Jan Ramsey


Offbeat Magazine


Shain Shapiro

Managing Director

Sound Diplomacy and Music Cities Convention


James Keblas

City Inspired


Paula Robinson

Director Program Development & Strategic Partnerships

Visit Bronzeville  


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