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Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Harm Reduction Strategies for Managing EDM Events

Tuesday, August 25, 2015 - 1:00pm Pacific Time

Electronic dance music (EDM) is the fastest growing music genre in the country, representing a broad swath of music popular in nightclubs, events and festivals. While consumption of alcohol and other drugs is common at nearly all music events, the EDM scene has garnered scrutiny around its patterns of drug use, particularly regarding MDMA. The risks of using this drug can be greatly amplified in crowded, chaotic environments with tens of thousands of young attendees. As the EDM scene grows larger it can bring significant economic support to an area, but without thoughtful management, it may also bring an increased risk of alcohol and drug-related hospitalizations and deaths among event attendees.

How can city planners and law enforcement work together with EDM event producers to create the safest possible event with the greatest possible positive impact on a city?  Hear from Kate Becker, Director, Seattle Office of Film and Music, as she shares lessons of bringing together EDM promoters, event planners, medics, ER doctors, security experts, drug researchers, and harm reduction advocates with law enforcement at a recent Music Safety Summit. You’ll also learn about a guide published by nonprofit advocacy group the Drug Policy Alliance which focuses specifically on how to tackle managing drug use from a harm reduction perspective, and service organizations that can help put recommendations into practice. Register.


  • Managing Drug Use at your Event - A Guide. Access here.

  • Music Fan Program within Drug Policy Alliance. Access here.

  • Drug Policy Alliance blog post on drug checking. Access here


Kate Becker


Seattle Office of Film and Music


JC Diaz

JC Diaz

First Vice-President

International Nightlife Association


Stefanie Jones

Stefanie Jones

Nightlife Community Engagement Manager

Drug Policy Alliance








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